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5 Tactics for Coping with a Meltdown

Positively Present Picks : January 13, 2017



"Everything that irritates us about others
can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." 

C.G. Jung


Eternal Optimist Talking Points for 2017 : love these!!

The Danger of Silence : speaking up creates safety

Chasing Slow : Pop and Banter's interview with Erin

Judging Others : the truth behind it + why we do it

5 Barriers to Success : essential thing to avoid for success

All of My Failures Can be Traced to Silence : again, speak up!

Be Optimistic : this enamel sign is simple + inspiring (this too)

Color Wheel Blanket : any designer would love this

6 Questions to Help You Love Yourself : even when it's so hard

Building a Healthier You : Free People's 10 step list is A+

Powerful Ways to Work Through Fear : you can do it!!

Small Room : a simple -- but so powerful -- quote

Rethinking the Winter Blues : winter has a silver lining

10 Ways to Return to Peacefulness : we all need more peace

Body Positivity x Social Media : very important to consider



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"Castle on the Hill" — Ed Sheeran
"I Want It All" — Natalie Taylor
"Crash" — Trella
"Next Life" — Souls
"Trouble" — Cage the Elephant
"Break"— North Elements
"Shape of You" —Ed Sheeran
"Mania" — Keenan O'Meara
"Me Myself & I" — G-Eazy
"Leave Your Lover" — Echos



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