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Positively Present Picks : February 24, 2017

Do You Love You


"Detach from what destroys you." 

R.H. Sin



NEW VIDEO : I show you (+ gush over) Adam J. Kurtz's new products

How to Read More : the first one is the one I struggle with big time!

Mindfulness Matters : so cool! a game to help practice mindfulness

When Things Go Missing : reflections on two seasons of loss 

7 Standards We Need to Stop Sticking to : let them go + free yourself

Why Do Anything? : a great piece reflecting on procrastination 

Think of Choices as Effects, Not Causes : love this thought shift

25 Ways to Celebrate Kindness : do something kind for someone today

Wordigo : have you ever experienced this? I certainly have!

Forest of Numbers : wow, this art installation is really beautiful

How to Make Friends : the first one is absolutely vital for friendship

I Am Here Now : I love the look of this mindfulness journal

What Being an Adult Feels Like : this is so true and it made me laugh

Trumbomb Deck : had this for awhile but love it more than ever!

Staying In Is the New Going Out : couldn't agree with this more ;)



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"Xanax" — Elohim
"I Was Born a Dreamer" — SHEL
"Goodbye" — Filous
"It Ain't Me" — Kygo ft. Selena Gomez
"It Takes a Lot to Know a Man" — Damien Rice
"Love"— Lana Del Ray
"Days Move Easy" — Chase McBride
"Paris" — The Chainsmokers
"Bittersweet Records" — Krista Marina
"I Want You" — Wrabel



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I particularly like the "Standards We Need To Stop Sticking To" - just because people are your friends, doesn't mean you should let them get away with treating you badly!

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