Stressful Day? 20 Things to Add to Your To-Do List
Lettering Life Lessons : Being Open-Minded

Positively Present Picks: May 26, 2017

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“Three things cannot be long hidden: 
the sun, the moon, and the truth."




Know Yourself : wonderful, wise words from Nelson Mandela

7 Life-Changing Truths Most People Are Scared to Admit

Balance of Happiness and Realness : a beautifully written piece

Fine / Not Fine : a simple but profound representation of life

Pile of Good Things : this Rainbow Rowell quote made me smile

Rewriting Your Past : don't let a single chapter define your whole story

The Power of Perspective : how you can use it to combat anxiety

How to Stop Caring About Things That Don't Matter : an excellent interview

Questions & Empathy : a card deck with thought-provoking questions

"Better" Takes Less Time Than You'd Think : love the three tips here!

Small Actions, Big Impact : tiny victories should be celebrated more often

101 Self-Care Ideas : perfect for a really bad or stress-filled day

Mari Andrew Prints : she is so incredibly clever + talented. love these! 



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"Bad Liar" — Selena Gomez
"There's Nothing Holding Me Back" — Shawn Mendes
"Woodstock on my Mind" — Lana Del Rey
"Shy Girl"— Kedam
"Higher" — Wynter Gordon
"Walk Away"— Ella on the Run
"Enough" — Rand
"My Way"— Calvin Harris
"Old Friends" — Jasmine Thompson
"Calm Down" — Skip Marley



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Things Are What You Make of Them:
Life Advice for Creatives
Adam J. Kurtz

The Sunlit Night
Rebecca Dinerstein


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Effortless Inspiration Series:
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Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
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