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R-E-S-P-E-C-T Yourself : 11 Things To Do Daily

Positively Present Picks : May 5, 2017

Positively Present Good Days


“Compassion is so often the solution."

Danielle LaPorte



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How to Save Ourselves from Ourselves : interesting read about self-love

Want to be Happier? : check out this list of 15 tips (including one of mine!)

11 Ways to Stay Productive : even when you're feeling tired or burnt out

Setting Daily Intentions Will Change Your Life : intentions > goals

4 Ways to Overcome Hedonic Adaptation : overcoming it is necessary

Self-Care for the Creative Soul : self-care is vital to truly self-loving life

Track Your Efforts, Not Accomplishments : a great way to be happier at work

21 Small Ways to Make Life Simpler : 'cause simplicity = freedom

Feeling Alone? : these three little reminders will make you feel less so

Sunshine Benefits : a reminder to get outside and soak up the sun ;)

Want to Form a Good Habit? : here are five keys to getting it right



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"Most Girls" — Hailee Steinfeld
"First Time" — Ellie Goulding
"Doing It For the Money" — Foster the People
"Celebrate"— Ingrid Michaelson
"No Vacancy" — One Republic
"Cobbled Streets"— Bess Atwell
"Want You Back" — HAIM
"Matters"— Twinsmith
"Don't Believe a Word..." — Shiny.Penny
"Dive In" — KYKO



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The Circle
Dave Eggers

The Handmaid's Tale
Margaret Atwood

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The Positively Present Guide to Life

Effortless Inspiration Series:
Gratitude, Living in the Moment, 
Compassion, and Forgiveness

Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
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