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Positively Present Picks: June 9, 2017


Positively Present Take One


"I urge you to please notice when you are happy,
and exclaim or murmur or think at some point,
'If this isn’t nice, I don’t know what is.'”

Kurt Vonnegut 



Generosity Takes Effort : a quick, but very worthwhile, read

NEW Lettering Life Lessons : a Joan Didion quote on accepting the past

8 Ways to Survive (and Thrive!) in Midlife : good advice, regardless of age 

How to Get Out of Your Comfort Zone : a much-needed read for me this week

What Would You Tell a Friend? : an important question to keep in mind

Making the Case for Minimalism : loving this Free People blog series

Tiny Practices to Boost Your Well-Being : particularly love the "pause" one

Releasing Expectations : an essential way to improve your relationships

Noisli : if you like white / background noise, you'll love this site

Only 15% of People are Self-Aware : plus tips on how to change that

Please Don't Cancel : a great read on stopping a pattern of canceling 

When You Love Your Friend But Hate Her Social Media Presence

More Love Letters : this site put a smile on my face. we need more love! 

Worrying Is Like Doing Two Things at Once : aka, not productive 

Things Are What You Make of Them : loving this book sooo much! 



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"Perfect Places" — Lorde
"Summertime Sadness" — Lana Del Rey
"Kill" — Jimmy Eat World
"Lost My Mind"— Alice Kristiansen
"Everything Now" — Arcade Fire
"Boji"— Twinsmith
"Bad at Love" — Halsey
"Find Yourself"— Great Good Fine Ok
"I Don't Know" — Molly Kate Kestner
"Adeline" — Alt-J



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White Hot Truth
Danielle LaPorte

Tigers in Red Weather
Liza Klaussmann


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The Positively Present Guide to Life

Effortless Inspiration Series:
Gratitude, Living in the Moment, 
Compassion, and Forgiveness

Stay Positive: Daily Reminders
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