Mastering Mindfulness (No Meditation Required!)
For the First Time: A List of Things to Try

Positively Present Picks: September 22, 2017



“Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” 

Roy T. Bennett



Life Goes Like This : what a beautiful, simple, and true piece of artwork

The Myth of the "Aha" Moment : reading this really made me think! 

Relationship Problems? : getting more sleep might be (part of) a solution

Byron Katie's 4 Questions : her work changed the way I see the world

The Challenge of Not Choosing Sides : how difficult this can be sometimes!

Want to Change? : here's the secret to making change actually stick

How We Can Break the Cycle of Pain : advice for avoiding adverse cycles

The Secret of the World's Happiness People : here's some more inspiration

You Are Magic : absolutely loving this little Tattly temporary tattoo

Be a Better Communicator : the key is evading your embarrassment 

Tackle Inequality by Remembering Advantages You've Had : powerful! 



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"For What It's Worth" — Kygo
"Out of My Head" — Loote
"Fake Plastic Trees" — Radiohead
"White Mustang" — Lana Del Ray
"Love So Soft"— Kelly Clarkson
"Over the Love" — Florence & the Machine
"Rainbow" — Sia
"Some Kind of Love" — The Killers
"Rearrange" — Ella Vos
"Yours" — Now Now


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Trees: A Guide to Familiar
American Trees
Albert Zim

Men & Dogs
Marie-Eva Chopin &
Alice Chaygneaud-Dupuy

The Whole World Over
Julia Glass


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Another great post! Your to try list came to me at a perfect time. The myth of the Aha moment was an absolute fantastic article! Thank you for the great reads.

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