Source With the launch of my book, The Positively Present Guide to Life (yay!), I've had a lot going on the past few weeks. Not only have I been keeping up with regular blogger/writer duties, but I've also been writing tons of promotional articles and materials, speaking at local events, and working my hardest to sell my book to anyone and everyone. (Don't have a copy yet? You can buy it here!) It's been a dream-come-true to be promoting my very own book (and, even better, seeing it in the bookstores!), but it sure hasn't been easy staying on top... Read more

Tomorrow is a very exciting day for me. It's the official debut of The Positively Present Guide to Life, a book I've been hard at work on for over two years! Back in 2012, I left my full-time job in Marketing to pursue writing and blogging. Since then I've self-published a book, Stay Positive: Daily Reminders from Positively Present, as well as written a variety of e-books, but this in my first in-the-bookstore, traditionally published book and I couldn't be more excited about its launch! If you're already as excited as I am about it and want to order your... Read more

Image Source Positively Present turned six years old last Saturday. SIX! It's hard to believe that just over six years ago, I was sitting on my bed, laptop on my lap, pushing the keys and deciding to create a site where I'd share my attempts at living a more positive, present life. I can vividly remember the moment when I shared with my then-boyfriend what I thought the name should be. I had no idea, way back then, what the words "Positively Present" would come to mean to me — and to my readers. Those two words have changed my... Read more

Photos by Sarah Lovrien Today’s post was written by Kate Matsudaira, founder of Popforms. In addition to building tools to help you be better at your job, she also just launched a Kickstarter for The Spark Notebook: a notebook that combines the function of a big life-planner into a beautifully designed, professional notebook. She came up with the great ideas and I took care of the design work. Check it out here! I am lazy. If there is a shortcut I will take it. I love feeling accomplished, but I don’t always love the hard work it takes to get... Read more

Image Source Last week, I stumbled across the article "No I Won't Lean In, Thanks" by Zosia Mamet in Glamour Magazine and was kind of thrilled by it. In the article, Zosia discusses what it means to be successful on your own terms—not basing success on what others think it should be, but on what you think it should be. As Zosia so astutely notes, "We are so obsessed with 'making it' these days we've lost sight of what it means to be successful on our own terms." I couldn't agree more. These days, so much attention is placed on... Read more