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"the seasons have changed & the days are getting longer. we wake up to the sunlight & go to bed with the warmth of the season filtering in through open window screens. the seasons change, we change. we grow, we move on. we learn new things each day; ways to be better people, ways in which we are strong, ways that hurt. each day we are given a chance to start new, to dissolve past regrets, to become the person we truly want to be. we are incredible creatures & we exist for a reason. each & every one of us. it may take years, decades, to discover this reason but it’s there! it’s there. perhaps it’s like love, we only find it hidden when we stop searching. it comes to us. we are incredible creatures, never forget that."  


You Are Remarkable


For those of you living in America, Saturday was the official start of spring. Where I live it's really starting to feel like springtime (which isn't always the case this time of year) and it's wonderful! Though summer will always be my favorite time of year, I hold a special place in my heart for spring because it means that in only a few short months summer will arrive, and this weekend I had a chance to take in the beautiful weather and enjoy the beginning of a new season. As I was indulging in the elements of spring, I got to thinking about the best ways to enjoy this time of year. Where I come from, spring can be short-lived. It sometimes seems like one minute it's winter and the next it's summer. So, for me, it's important that I take advantage of this time of year while it lasts. Here are some ideas I came up with for enjoying the spring-y weather: 

13 Ways to Enjoy Spring

  1. Take a long walk. It's just enough this time of year to get out of the house and enjoy the breeze and the sunshine. This weekend I took a few walks with my dog, Bella, and it was wonderful. So many things were budding and blooming and I never would have seen them from the confines of my apartment. 

  2. Set up a picnic. I can't remember the last time I had a picnic (or if I ever have had one?), but it sounds like a wonderful, spring-y idea. What's better than eating outdoors with the sun beating down and warming you? I can't think of much else that would fill me with joy the way that would. Grab a basket and a blanket and hit the park to take it all in. 

  3. Look for signs of spring. Living in the moment is still a struggle for me sometimes so it really helps to be reminded of what's happening around me. The best way to do this is to pay attention. When I open my eyes and look around I see that spring is bursting all around me. It seems like yesterday there was snow everywhere and now this -- flowers, green, a warm breeze! -- and I fully intend to take it all in. 

  4. Wear flip-flops. Nothing puts me in the mood for spring like a great pair of well-worn flip-flops. When I recently brought them out of my closet and slipped them on, I instantly felt like it was spring again. There is nothing so spring-y as putting flip-flops on again and realizing that every month that passes for awhile will be warmer and warmer and warmer... 

  5. Open your windows. For the first time in a long, long time, I unwound the blinds and pushed open the windows this weekend. It was wonderful to be there, writing and feeling the springtime air on my arms and face. It was wonderful to hear the birds chirping so cheerfully, calling out to one another. 

  6. Snap photos of the season. You can always capture a great moment -- and a great season -- by bringing your camera out. Taking photos not only helps you to remember the sun-streaked memories of spring, but it also helps you to be more present. When you're taking pictures, you're looking at everything with a new perspective, which will help you stay focused on enjoying the spring moments. 

  7. Sit outside at a restaurant. Around here, restaurants are beginning to set up their outdoor gear. If that's happening near you, take advantage of that! It's not all year that you can sit outside (at least not where I live) so it's really great when it's once again an option to dine al fresco. If you have the choice between sitting inside or sitting outside, go for the fresh weather to make your meal even better. 

  8. Engage in spring cleaning. I know for most people this doesn't sound like a whole lot of fun, but even if you don't enjoy organizing things, you'll feel great once you've gone through your stuff, sorted everything, and gotten rid of the things you don't need. For some tips on organizing, check out this post: "The Best Ways to Organize Your Living Space (and Your Life)".

  9. Buy (or bring out) a fun, new outfit. Now I know purchasing things isn't supposed to make us happy, but it does feel great to wear something very spring-like that you never could have worn in the winter. Once the weather gets warm, it's so fun to bring out an outfit you had packed away for the winter or, if you can, buy something new that will inspire you all season long. 

  10. Pay attention to nature. In our busy lives, it can be hard to really pay attention to nature. How many times do you zone-out on your commute to work and not look around? How often to do you rush through your errands without so much as a glance to what's happening around you? This spring, start looking around and you'll be surprised by what you find. Nature is entering into a new phase and it's pretty cool to watch. 

  11. Visit the zoo or park. To get an even better look at what's happening with nature, take a visit to your local zoo or park. If you have an opportunity to check out how much animals (or other people) are enjoying the spring weather, take it. It's inspiring to see other beings getting into the change of seasons and you'll find yourself even more excited when you see their enthusiasm. 


  12. Go for a drive. Sometimes one of the best ways to take in the world is from the space behind the steering wheel. There is something about the rush of the road and the swirling of wind in your hair that really allows you to be into the moment. When spring has arrived, there is something amazing about a nice, long drive. Take one and see how you feel... 

  13. Celebrate with friends. If you're going to enjoy the season, you might as well celebrate it! Invite some friends over to get into the season with you. There's nothing quite like being surrounded with your friends to bring out the best in any season. Celebrate the spring! 


Spring is the gateway to summer and I'm so happy that it's finally arrived. The more I think about it, the more I realize that there are many, many more ways to enjoy spring. I'd love to hear about them so feel free to share your springtime ideas in the comments section...


  How are you taking advantage of spring? 
What are your favorite ways to enjoy the season? 



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Since moving to the Northern Hemisphere I appreciate spring so much more. Yesterday I walked around with only a thin sweater on, as opposed to the layers of coat, scarf, etc. that I've got used to, it was wonderful to feel sunshine and light breezes tickle the skin. I also like getting out in the garden again and seeing green shoots appearing on plants that I'd given up for dead. Reminds me that just because the branches are bare doesn't mean everything is lost! It's wonderful to see the cycle of renewal and growth.

Natures, zoos, and drives ... now THAT's what I'm talking about. That's when I feel Spring is in the air.

Hi Dani,
Your tips are nice. But its sad we don't have any season changing here. It must be really nice to see snow melts away and spring arrives. I'd love to take a long walk when spring arrives, sinking in the beauty of nature.

Oh, my favorite is #3 - look for signs of spring. Every day I wander around my yard, looking for tiny buds of green appearing. I celebrate each new tulip bud I see emerging from the ground!

it's still snowing here in Ontario.. but can't wait to do some of the things you suggested!!!

Great tips--particularly those having to do with enjoying nature! Spring is my favorite season, and my birthday is just a few days after the start of spring, so it gives me an opportunity to celebrate spring even more! The weather has just turned cold for us, but last week was mild and spring-like, so I've enjoyed wearing summery dresses and ballet flats. I LOVE flip-flops, so I definitely will have to break them out when it warms up again! I think walking a dog really helps you to appreciate the changes in the weather--I've been keeping my eyes out for early-blooming flowers on walks.

The biggest way I'm celebrating spring is going away to an inn in a state park this weekend (as a birthday celebration with my boyfriend) If the weather is nice, I'm planning on enjoying some hiking, and I really like the idea of planning a picnic!

Green Ink - It's funny how you get used to wearing all of the layers and how it feels so freeing to wear only a sweater. For the first time in so long I'm not wearing stockings to work and I love it! :) It really is wonderful to see all of the regrowth happening in the spring. There is something infinitely hopeful about this season.

J.D. - I couldn't agree more! There are some things that are just wonderfully suited for the springtime.

Vikum - I'm sorry you don't have the changing of seasons where you are. As much as I dislike the winter weather, it IS nice to see the spring budding this time of year. Perhaps someday you will live in a place where you can see the spring arrive!

Eva - I've been looking around for signs of spring everywhere lately and it's pretty amazing how many there are. It seems like it's all happening very quickly and it's beautiful to watch!

Tumbum - Oh, man -- snow! Hopefully spring will come your way soon and you'll have a chance to enjoy the weather.

Michelle - I'm glad you liked the tips! :) How wonderful that you have a birthday in spring -- it seems so fitting at a time when everything's being born again. Have a wonderful trip to the state park. I hope you have great weather for it!

#3 is definitely my favourite and I celebrated spring this weekend by buying some new colourful annuals and planting them in pots that I can see from my window. There's nothing like watching new flowers grow and flourish to help you get in a "springy" mood! :)

Hi Dani, I liked your tips here. I have to admit to loving going for a drive either with my family or with an ipod, a favourite lecture and the open road.

There are so many ways to enjoy spring. My favorite is to simply be outside and absorb the warmth of the sun. Saturday we went for a long ride and just took in the opening of new Spring and all that it promises to give.

Eran - It sounds like you had a great time celebrating spring. New flowers are one of the best ways to get into the season!

Steven - Thank you! It's really great to be on an open road in spring, isn't it? It's one of my favorite things to do!

Mark - Yes, I agree; there are many, many ways to enjoy spring but one of the best is to just be outside. It doesn't even matter what you're doing as long as you're soaking in the sun and observing all of the wonderful spring-like changes around you.

I am outside more. I've been working on the boat some, getting ready for next weekend's trip. I am hauling my camera with me and the tripod to photograph buds and leaves. It is a nice time of year here.

Syd - Sounds like you're taking advantage of the weather. I hope to see some of the pictures you take on your site!

#1, 11, and 13. Absolutely!

Josh - Thanks for the comment. Glad you liked those! :)

Hi Dani,

I also really enjoy spring and summer. There is just something about the feeling of rebirth that you get around this time of year. The world just seems to open up its arms when the weather is warmer and more sunny.

Around this time of year, I start running outside along the lake at a local park. From around the middle of March to late October/early November, I often run there instead of doing cardio at the gym. I love it!

Greg - There's definitely something wonderful about the spring and summer months, especially if you like to work out outside. Running outside is much better than the treadmill!

If it weren't snowing here today - perhaps I could partake in some of the activities listed above... I'm slightly miffed at Mother Nature in case you hadn't noticed. ;)

At least I have something to look forward to.

Shannon - What a bummer! It's still a little cold where I am, but I don't think we're going to get any more snow. Hope spring comes to you soon!

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