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Okay, so who doesn't want to work less and do more? Unless you're doing what you love every single day (and, seriously, how many people have the luxury of that?), you probably would like to work less and do more with your life. I know I would! So I was thrilled when I recently was asked to review Stever Robbins' book 9 Steps to Work Less and Do More. When I saw the request for a review come up in my email in-box I thought to myself, "Sounds perfect! I'm all about productivity and this book seems like it's right up that alley." And, no surprise, it really turned out to be a great book about how to get more done so that you will have more time to do what it is that you truly want to be doing. 

According to the book's back cover, the book "will help you break the bad habits slowing you down and holding you back. Work less and do more -- your free time is waiting!" And those words ring so true. Life is short and we all want to be living the best life we can be. With the help of Robbins' advice, I found that there are so many ways to be working more efficiently so that I can have time to do what I love to do. Below are the nine steps featured in the book -- a little taste of the influential content you'll find if you pick up a copy of the book. 




The Nine Steps

Step 1: Live and work on purpose

If you're anything like me, a lot of what you call work has very little to do with getting anything important done in life. Like when I compulsively check my social media sites every hour. That kind of thing must go.

Step 2: Stop procrastinating

What is procrastinating except the very art of not doing the very stuff you know is most important? We'll cover how to nip this in the bud, or at least arrange for someone to kick you into action when you're delaying. And just in case you're someone who claims being kicked into action doesn't work for you, we'll get out an Ostrich feather and tickle you into action instead.

Step 3: Conquer your technology

Our supposed savior, technology, is for many of us, the greatest obstacle we have to being truly productive. You'll learn how to use your technology to help you focus, instead of   hey, hang on a second. There's an instant message coming in.

Step 4: Cultivate focus

Do you have any idea how much time is wasted multi-tasking? A lot. If you keep yourself focused and eliminate distractions, you can toss yourself into the kind of flow where the results come fast and easy. And you'll do it entirely without the use of pharmaceutical supplements.

Step 5: Stay organized

When you have a place for everything and everything in its place, it's no work at all to find what you need, when you need it. I'm not just talking about physical clutter; this is also about organizing your thinking, your projects, and your processes. Reclaim all that time you otherwise spend hunting for the next step, the next paper, or the next person by knowing exactly where to go and what to do when you need it.

Step 6: Don't waste time

Sometimes you appear to be doing exactly, precisely what you should be doing, but are actually wasting time that could be spent doing something more meaningful, like eating bon-bons and sipping fruit flavored beverages in a hammock strung between your computer and your doorframe.

Step 7: Optimize!

As I mentioned before, doing things twice bores me silly. Especially when it comes to making mistakes. In Optimize, you'll learn how to do things once or twice, streamline them to the point where the task is completely brainless, and   Let's just say that I'll leave you to connect the dots. Think, "brain-eating Zombies." The implications will jump right out.

Step 8: Build stronger relationships.

You can't get there alone; you need someone to program the GPS while you're trying to read street signs. Relationships are, ultimately, how everything gets done. Together, we can do far, far more than we can alone. For example, one of us can measure while the other mixes, and then we can both eat the cookies when they're ready. You'll learn some excellent ways to create and deepen the relationships that matter most.

Step 9: Leverage!

The ultimate in Doing More, our final destination of leverage will give you several ways to make sure when you do get results, you get better, stronger, and faster than you'd ever dreamed possible.

As anyone with a busy schedule knows, it can be hard to find time to get all of your work done and still have any time (or energy!) left over for doing the things you love. If you got value out of the 9 steps listed here (and I know I sure did!), you should check out Robbins' book and get some more great advice on how to make the most of your time so that you, like Robbins, can work less and do more. If you want more advice, pick up a copy of the book, check out this interview with Robbins, or check out some audio samples from the book. You won't be disappointed with the great, entertaining content that will certainly help you to work less and do more. 


 What advice would you add for working less and doing more?
Do you have any great work-less-do-more resources?  


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I guess I'd add "Prioritize" to the list. I can waste hours on a non-essential task, and get behind on the real work. Knowing when to not be a perfectionist really helps!

I have a to-do list that I keep with me at all times. It helps when I feel like I'm starting to lose focus. But I can still be a prize procrastinator at times. I think I'm going to have to read this book. Who doesn't want more time to do fun stuff!

I really like this post, def the step about procrastination. I feel like this is what people struggle most with.

From Allen @SuccessDemandsAction.net

Michelle - Great additions to the list. Prioritizing is key so you can get the important things done first! And letting go of perfectionist tendencies can also be really helpful.

Molly - I love To Do lists. I end and start my day with one every day. It's nice to have a reference to go back to when I feel overwhelmed with the things I need to get done! That's a great addition to the list.

Allen - Thanks! I'm glad you found Stever's wisdom helpful. People really do struggle with procrastination a lot and I agree that point was one of his most valuable.

that's a good one :)
it would be amazing if a person can still maintain his productivity yet work less

Farouk - I agree! Lots of good insights in these steps. And, yes, it would be pretty amazing if someone could keep this up and still manage to work less. I'm not sure if I can do it, but I'm certainly going to give it a try! :)

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