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out with the old + in with the new year


 The sun is out, 
I rush to the window
Suddenly I just want to let go
Of the past and start all over again

So I say come on, 
Open your eyes,
And see what's outside, 
there's nothing to fear,
It's a new year

Snow is falling
Beautiful and white, 
Nothing but 
Blue skies and green lights, 
Doors are open
But nothing's in the way

Let's make a list
Of things we wanna do, 
No breaks allowed
Don't look down
Just jump, 
let's fly away

And we sing,
Come on, 
Open your eyes and 
See what's outside 
There's nothing to fear, 
It's a new year
 It's a new year 

Kate York
"New Year


Out with the Old . . . 

Oh, 2012, what a year you've been! 

2012 started out bursting with amazing possibilities -- I'll be leaving my job to work on Positively Present full time! I'll finally be living the dream of being a writer! -- and, like most dream-come-true scenarios, it wasn't exactly what I'd pictured. In some ways it's been absolute bliss working from home, spending time dedicating myself to what I'm most passionate about, publishing my first book(!!!); in other ways, it's been hard keeping everything on track and doing the business-y things that I don't at all feel passionate about (I'm lookin' at you, taxes). Like most jobs, it has good days and bad days, but overall I'm so thankful to have been given the opportunity to focus on what I love. 

On a more personal note, in May my whole world shifted when my sidekick Bella was diagnosed with a terminal illness. I love her like a member of my family so when she got sick, everything changed. She was always my world, but she suddenly became the entire universe. 2012 was spent doing things I'd never even contemplated before -- finding creative ways to give her seven pills a day, dealing with the emotional stress of watching her grow thinner and thinner, dragging a shaking pup to (now every-other-day) vet visits, and struggling to find creative ways to get food into the mouth of dog who isn't very hungry. My new work-from-home lifestyle was suddenly dominated by a sick-dog checklist. It's been a lot -- a lot of stress, a lot of work, a lot of heartache -- but I wouldn't change any moment I've had with her. Though I wish with all my heart she wasn't sick, I'm so thankful I've gotten as much time with her as I have. And I'm hoping 2013 brings me many, many more months with her. 

2012 was filled with incredible highs and devastating lows. But, in all it's ups and downs, one thing it's been for sure is life-affirming. It reminded me how valuable and fleeting every moment is, and how important it is not to let the good moments slip away. As tempting as it is for me to look back on the year and think, "Ugh. 2012. The year Bella got sick," this year has been so much more than that. There have been so many amazing, dazzling moments that don't deserve to be shadowed by one heartbreaking diagnosis. 2012 might have been tough, but that old cliche "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" certainly proved to be true. 

That being said, I'm definitely ready for some 2013 action...


. . . in with the New! 

New Year's Eve is always a time to look back and remember the highlights of the year. The trouble is, when you've had some low points, it's hard not to let them take priority in your mind. (Just look at all the news recaps of 2012; they're dominated by the negative things that happened this year.) Right now, as I look back on 2012, I'm trying to focus on all the positive things that happened this year -- and I want to make sure I do the same in 2013 too. 

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend's mom sent me a link to this post on Facebook: A Year Full of Blessings Remembered, which states: "Start the year with an empty jar and fill it with notes about good things that happen. On New Year's Eve, empty it and see what awesome stuff happened that year." I wish I had a jar to open tonight, filled with all the wonderful moments of 2012. But since I don't, I'm going to work 2013on creating one for 2013. This year, every time something wonderful (or even just good) happens, I'm going to write it down, fold it up, put it in a jar, and a year from today I'll open it up and recap a year of happy memories. 

Usually I'm not a big fan of looking back (after all, this is Positively Present), but I tend to make an exception when it comes to NYE. There's something magical about recalling the (positive) things that happened in a year. Taking a moment to celebrate those happy moments reinforces the idea that, no matter tough the year was, every year has something good in it. I'm really looking forward to starting my 2013 jar -- and to making the most of 2013 -- I hope you'll be doing the same. Wishing you a very positive, very present 2013! 



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You are so right about looking for the positives. I was talking to a friend yesterday about how tough 2012 has been and he then continued to point out all the positive things that happened. I don't know why we continue to let the rough or bad things rules, but I truly appreciated the positive light on 2012. Made me feel a little better about the year. I LOVE this idea with the jar. I think I found my resolution for the year! Happy notes in a jar seems easy enough to tackle!

Jul - Yay! I'm glad this will be a resolution for you! One of the reasons I liked it so much is that it seems pretty easy to do -- and it'll be a fun reward to open the jar at the end of the year. Happy 2013!

I am definitely doing the jar!!! I am thinking positive and going to pick a LARGE jar because I am planning on having many wonderful things happen in 2013!! Positive possibilities!!!!

I've been thinking about Bella since one of your last posts saying she was sick. Praying for her! Love the jar of happy moments idea, too. Happy 2013!

Happy new year!

Good luck with your jar. I am going to do the same thing. My word for 2013 is cherish and I thought the jar idea was a great way to cherish those things that happen in 2013! Happy 2013!

Sandy - Awesome! I'm so excited to start it today, and even more excited to open it up in a year and see all the good things that happened in 2013. Love your idea of picking a large jar! Positive thinking!

Carrie - Thanks so much for thinking about Bella. She ended up eating on Christmas Eve and she's eaten almost every day since! It's a Christmas miracle! She'll never recover from her disease, but there's a chance that she could hang in there a little longer. Thank you for keeping her in your prayers!

Katie - Happy New Year to you too! I hope your 2013 is amazing!

Shanna - Thank you! I'm looking forward to starting it. I love your word for 2013! Great one!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Great post! I wish you a wonderful 2013 Dani, and all the precious time you can have with Bella!

Happy New Year and best wishes for many more months and years with your adorable Bella! One of my resolutions for 2013 is to cultivate a positive attitude and action #1 was to buy your book (can't wait!) and action #2 will be to make my 2013 jar. And, of course, to read your blog..goes without saying. :)
2012 was a real challenge and it's hard to see the good in it - but there was good, even great, moments. I believe my memory jar for this year will be really helpful.

I want to thank you for your website. Your words, ideas, and shared ideas help sustain me on the positive thinking path. I appreciate you sharing about Bella and also what you have learned from her; this has ment a lot to me.

Saggleo - You too! I hope your 2013 is filled with lots and lots of positive things.

Susannah - Thank you so much! 2012 was hard for me too, but I think the 2013 jar will really help me to appreciate the many positive things about the year (no matter what happens!). I hope you have a very happy 2013!

Alene - You're welcome! Thanks so much for reading. I wish you a very happy 2013!

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