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Self-Love Month is making a comeback! Back in 2011, I launched Self-Love Month, a month dedicated to celebrating yourself and how awesome you are -- and this year I've decided to bring it back. The more I contemplate what makes a positive and present life (and, believe me, I contemplate it a lot!), the more I realize the importance of self-love. It's one of the most important (if not the most important) elements for being positive and staying present. 

Unfortunately, this very important aspect is something most of us struggle with. In a world in which we are constantly encouraged to be more, to be better, we often lose sight of how great we already are. And that's exactly why I created my new e-book, The ABC's of Self-Love: A Positively Present Guide to Loving Who You Are Now

This guide is designed to help create more self-love in the world because, the way I see it, the more people love themselves, the less negativity they'll put out into the world. Self-love might seem, to some, to be selfish, but it's quite the opposite. Loving yourself is a way to make the world a better place. Whether you're confronted with little inklings of self-doubt or you're a full-blown self-hater, this guide has been created to help you fall in love with the person you spend every second of your life with: you

Throughout the month of February, I'll be touching on the topics discussed in the guide, but in the guide you'll get all the details behind the 26 top ways to love who you are now. Below are samples of a few pages, which have been designed to be read easily on your computer or printed out and posted where you need inspiration the most:


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In celebration of Self-Love Month, the PDF is available for $8 for a limited time. In the guide you'll find everything you need to start (or keep!) loving who you are, including advice and inspiration for:

  • Accepting who you are
  • Learning to do what you love
  • Embracing change
  • Letting go of the past
  • Quieting self-doubt
  • Getting rid of negativity
  • And so much more!

Think about all the time, energy, and money you spend trying to improve your relationships with others. But what about your relationship with yourself, the relationship that's the foundation for all your other interactions? It's time to start creating a great relationship with you. Click below to buy your copy of The ABC's of Self-Love. At just $8, purchasing this beautifully designed, inspiration-filled PDF is the perfect way to show yourself a little love! 

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Self-Love month, wow! What a great initiative! I'm a strong believer in Self-Love. All the best!

Mario - Thanks! Self-love is so important. So glad to hear that you're a big believer as well!

Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.

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