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It's a scary word, a thrilling word, a word loaded with connotations -- many of which are negative. When it comes to change (even the good kind), many of us are scared. We fear what we don't know, which makes perfect sense. It's okay to be afraid of what's unknown -- that instinct probably what's kept us thriving and surviving for all of these centuries. What's not okay is letting the fear of the unknown rule your life. It's not okay to be so afraid of change that you hold yourself (or others) back from experiencing life.

Change typically comes at us one of two ways -- either we're faced with it due to something out of our control, or it's something we choose to do in order to modify our lives in some way. No matter what kind of change you encounter, it's often difficult to embrace it. Resisting change is always much easier than accepting it. And yet... in my own life I've found that change has, on more than one occasion, saved my life. It has transformed me, shaped me, spun me around and shaken me up -- but it has saved me time and time again. 

Scarier, perhaps, than change is always staying the same. 


The Life-Saving Properties of Change


Change makes you vulnerable. 

Change opens you up to new experiences. 

Change allows you to escape negativity. 

Change inspires you to start again. 

Change rids you of what you don't need. 

Change shows you just how strong you are. 

Change makes you accept what is out of your control. 

Change creates a climate of mindfulness. 

Change moves you into uncharted territory. 

Change frees you from the confines of routine. 

Change gives you a chance to seek freedom. 

Changes teaches you that everything is progress. 

Change saves you when you think all hope is lost. 


Without a great deal of change, I would not be where I am today. In fact, I might even be here today. To learn to live a more positive and present life, I had to make many, many changes in my life -- almost all of which were (and still are) incredibly difficult. As difficult as changing (my attitude, my social circle, my daily routines) was/is, it is what saved me from spiraling even further than I had. It showed me alternative ways for doing things, it introduced me to new and amazing people with which to spend my time, and it taught me that I am more than the choices I have made in the past. 

While it often seems as if change happens to us, we have the power to create change in our own lives. Changing is never easy -- even if you are making positive changes that improve your quality of life -- but when you make a choice to change and you take action, there is almost no greater feeling in the world. To know you have impacted your life (or perhaps the lives of others) with your actions is a wonderful thing. Whether or not you are coping with change that is happening to you or you are creating your own change, remember this: change can save your life, if only you open yourself up to it and accept it for what it is, for what it always will be -- the only constant in this crazy life. 


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Some changes in my life moved me forward, and some set me back a bit. Every change, though, taught me something. That's what I love the most about change: It's a great teacher!

I love that you mention change as inspiration. I believe that it's so important to recognize as something that can spark inspiration, but it's up to us if we let it inspire positive or negative things.

I choose positive.

ITN30D - Thanks! Change has always been scary for me, but I've realized that there are a lot of benefits to change. As you said, we have the choice to see it positively!

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