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I've been working on an exciting project for quite awhile now and I'm finally ready to share it with you. I'm so excited about this, as it's my first big design project and it incorporates inspiration and concepts from Positively Present. And even more exciting to me (a lover of anything organized) is the fact that this project has resulted in something that'll actually use every day—a planner! 

I love planners (anything to keep my day organized!) and it's been such a dream come true to create a planner of my own (or, as it's known in the UK, a diary). Every Day Matters 2015 Diary: A Year of Inspiration for the Mind Body & Spirit is a diary/planner, available in desk or pocket size, that I've created with Watkins Publishing. So I know it's super early to start thinking about a 2015 planner, but I'm so excited about the project going to print that I just couldn't wait to share it with you! 



Every Day Matters not only has plenty of space for daily planning but it also offers inspiring advice on how to make each and every day really matter. Designed as a resource for enriching daily life, it will guide you on a year-long journey of awareness and fulfilment as you go about your everyday activities. It’s all-too-easy to become overwhelmed with multiple thoughts each day as our to-do lists grow, so I've come up with one life-enhancing theme per month to focus on.

Each theme is based on a single word—like "love," "explore," or "marvel"—and is the basis for a weekly quote and activity chosen to inspire reflection and positive transformation. The monthly themes are: Organize, Love, Change, Explore, Create, Nurture, Inspire, Refresh, Learn, Share, Marvel and Believe. Focusing on just one theme each month, but looking at the theme in a different way each week allows for each theme to be considered from unique perspectives and encourages positive action to become an integral part of day-to-day life. (Check out a sample of the diary below. If you can't see the sample, click here.)



How you plan your day is probably pretty unique to you. Some people have a giant planner stuffed with every single detail of their daily lives. Other people mostly wing it, jotting things done wherever they spot a convenient sheet of paper. Whatever your current method, I can assure you that having a planner/diary in your life can be life-changing. I've been using one for as long as I can remember (even when I was a kid—who knows what I was planning back then!), and I couldn't imagine my life without one.  

If you're already a fan of using a planner, you probably already know all about the benefits of keeping one. If you're not sure they're for you, check out the list below to see why having a planner/diary can actually be life-changing. 



1. Organizes your lists in one spot. 

Have you every tried just jotting down things whenever and wherever they come to mind? If you have, you probably know that it doesn't usually work out so well. You forget where you wrote something down or you lose the scrap of paper where you wrote it. A diary gives you a place to put all of your to-do lists and keep track of the details of your life so you don't lose a thing. 


2. Frees your mind to focus on what matters. 

When you write down what you need to do or remember, you free your mind to focus on the tasks you need to actually get done. This might sound obvious—of course it's helpful to get those to-do's out of your mind and onto the page—but freeing your mind from dwelling on the little details can have big results. It can reduce your stress level, make you more productive, and even give you a better night's sleep!


3. Gives you a place to plan ahead. 

While I'm not a big fan of worrying too much about the future, planning ahead is actually a great way to stay present. When you write things down that need to be done in the future or schedule dates with yourself to revisit specific tasks, you allow your attention to be directed back to right now. By writing down what needs to be done later, you are able to stay more in the moment. 


4. Keeps you on track when you feel lost. 

Ever have those moments when you're like, What in the world should I do now? Even if you have a million things to do, sometimes it's hard to know where to begin. That's where a planner comes into play. If you've made a list of what you need to do, when you're feeling lost, you can take a look at the list and find at least one task that you can try tackling. 


5. Provides a feeling of accomplishment.

There are few feelings in the world better than crossing something off a to-do list (especially those things you've been putting off for awhile!). It might sound like a small act—drawing a line through a list item—but the feeling of accomplishment that comes with knowing you've done what needed to be done is actually pretty wonderful, and keeping a diary gives you a chance to experience those moments every single day. 


6. Helps you recall what happened.

I'm not an advocate of reflecting too much on the past, but sometimes you really do need to know what happened and when. Sometimes it's for a boring reason—like when you last had your car serviced—but sometimes it's fun to flip back through the pages of your diary and recall the happy moments you've experienced—like a lunch date with a good friend or an extra special date night with your loved one. 


7. Acts a back-up for your memory.

With all we see and hear and experience on a daily basis, it's a wonder we can remember anything at all! A diary helps you keep track of the important dates in life—birthdays, anniversaries, holidays. When you put them down on paper, you don't have to worry about keeping them in your mind and it's much easier to recall when you need to send a card, make a phone call, or buy a gift. 


8. Serves as source of inspiration.

Okay, this one doesn't apply to most planners and diaries, but it's one of the reasons Every Day Matters is so special. This diary doesn't just give you a pretty place to store your to-do lists and important dates. It also serves as a source of constant inspiration, featuring quotes, illustrations, and activities created to inspire, motivate, and uplift you. And, with all you probably have to do on a daily basis, I bet you could use a little added inspiration, couldn't you? 


Clearly there are some awesome benefits to keeping a planner/diary, and I'm so, so excited to share with you the one I've created with the stellar team at Watkins Publishing. The diary won't be available until late July, but you can pre-order it now on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Get your copy now and you'll be all set for 2015!



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This is absolutely awesome! I love your blog so much, it inspires me to become a better blogger.
Thanks for what you do!


Mickie - Thanks so much! I'm so happy you find the site inspiring. Thanks for reading!

Congrats Dani, this looks fantastic! Love the style.

This looks awesome. On Amazon it lists both pocket and desk as the same size 8.3x5.9 so I am wondering which one is that size and what size the other one is. I can't wait to start using it.

Stacie - Thanks so much for catching that little error on Amazon. The sizes are 9.7in x 6.6in (desk) and 5.8in x 3.9in (pocket). Or if you're in the UK, 247 x 167mm (desk) and 148 x 100mm (pocket). We'll be updating that on Amazon soon!

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