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Not make you feel panicky (or take away from the present moment) but... 2015 is only a few weeks away! As it often happens when the year draws to a close, it's hard to believe that the year is almost over. For me, 2014 has been a particularly transformative year — starting my design business, Twenty3, going through a break-up, finishing my book, The Positively Present Guide to Life, publishing the Every Day Matters planner, moving to a new apartment, reconnecting with old friends, and going on new adventures.

It's been a whirlwind of a year and looking back on it, my initial reaction is: not my best year. Change has been hard for me and especially in the second half of the year, there's been a lot of it. At this time of year, I often look back on what's happened and take inventory of how things have changed since the previous December. When I started reflecting this year, I initially found myself not focusing on all that had gone well, but on what had been lost. Clearly, this wasn't very positive of me. I'd had some amazing experiences this year and dwelling on the less-than-stellar ones wasn't a fair (or positive!) way to reflect on 2014. 

I decided that I need to shift my perspective. While I certainly didn't want to deny the pain or heartache I'd experienced that his year, I didn't need to focus on it when I looked back at 2014. Instead, I could focus on the positive memories that had happened and celebrate the good moments I've had over the past twelve months. Here's how I reflected positively on the year that's coming to a close...



No matter what you've been through this year, you've had some good days and some bad days. Choose to recall the positive moments in your life, and you can completely change your perspective on the year. When I first starting thinking about 2014, the word "break-up" started flashing in my mind like a big neon sign. But after a bit of contemplation, I realized that's only one thing (albeit a big thing) that happened in the past twelve months. So many other (wonderful!) things have happened and when I started directing my attention to those, my view of the year completely changed. 



To really reflect on the positive moments of the year, I wanted to dig a little bit deeper so I pulled out my planner and notebooks and blog posts and started reflecting on the great moments I'd experienced. In flipping through pages (and webpages), I reconnected with details I'd forgotten about — like where I went to eat when I met up with an old friend or how it felt to promote my book at my first major book fair in NYC or when I received a super supportive card from a close friend upon achieving four years of sobriety. In recalling the details, I realized just how many happy, inspiring moments had happened this year. 



When I came across an event in my planner that reminded me of a positive experience, I decided to do a little more memory searching and I pulled out some mementos (cards, ticket stubs, emails, etc.) from the happiest moments of 2014. Looking at these — most of them merely pieces of paper — really reminded me of what it was like to be in those moments, to feel inspired and loved and excited. I try not to go back to the past too often, but I recently realized just now wonderful it can be to reflect on the good experiences I had over the past year (especially in favor of dwelling on the hard times). 



Pulling out my planner and notebooks and mementos not only helped me recall the positive experiences I had over the past year, but it also gave me a little nudge to connect with those I'd shared these moments with and reminded me that, even though I've suffered loss this year, I still have a lot of supportive, loving, amazing people in my life. Recalling the memories I shared with these people made me want to reach out to them and thank them for being positive influences in my life, and what could be a better way to reflect on the year than to connect with whom the year was shared? 


As I was directing my attention to the positive moments of 2014, one of my greatest assets for recalling the year was my planner. There was so much I'd forgotten about until I stumbled across the words scrawled on the calendar or weekly pages. Because my planner was such an asset to positively reflecting on the year, I want to make sure you have a chance to keep track of your daily activities and memories in the year ahead with my Every Day Matters planner! 

Every Day Matters not only has plenty of space for daily planning but it also offers inspiring advice on how to make each and every day really matter. Each month has a theme — including Organize, Love, Change, Explore, Create, Nurture, Inspire, Refresh, Learn, Share, Marvel and Believe — with weekly quotes and activities to inspire positive thoughts and action. Check out a sample of the diary below and keep reading to learn how you can win one! (If you can't see the sample, click here.)






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I like your focus on the positive events of this year, and try to do that myself. I've had a number of stressful and "negative" events this year, but overall my life is still overwhelmingly positive.

A note on the mementos--I have a frame on my office wall where I clip up as many happy souvenirs as I can--ticket stubs, cards, even an ad for u-pick blackberries (I picked them!), to remind me of all the happy events I was a part of this year. I'll start over in January.

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Thank you for being an inspiration to so MANY!

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Sarah Jane

I always seem to focus on the bad aspects of every year as it nears it's end, which is one of the reasons why December is always a hard month for me. 2014 was a year filled with change for me, and it was hard to say the least. A year ago, I never would have imagined that I would have moved not once but twice. I hope that 2015 can really be year of positive change because I've learned that the change is inevitable.

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I really liked what you said about remembering positive moments throughout the year, instead of focusing right away on anything negative that may have happened in our lives.

I also like the idea you had about going back and looking at mementos and having those to remind you of better times. That's why I always save things from special events, or things I've done. Just a few things though! Like movie stubs, dance tickets (from way back), etc.

Thank you for your always positive blog! It's a good 'pick me up' to read your posts.

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