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This post is part of Just Love Yourself Month, an exciting new addition to the Positively Present! This month of self-love is inspired by my new workbook, Loving Your Self, which was designed to empower and inspire self-love. Learn more (and pick up your copy!) here


It's the end of Just Love Yourself Month here at Positively Present, and all month long we've been talking about the best ways to embrace self-love. Loving yourself can be a really big challenge, no matter who you are, so I wanted to end the month with a round-up of resources to help you whenever you feel like you're struggling in the self-love department. 

Curated from my own self-love journey and some serious self-love research, the list below includes websites, books, e-books, courses, articles (and more!) that have helped me or could help you experience more self-love in my life. It's a lot of information, but I hope you'll come back to it any time you're in need of a self-love boost! 



Danielle LaPorte : a self-loving guru's amazing advice

Tiny Buddha : self-love (and life!) inspiration

Anastasia Amour : no bullshit body image advice

Hiya Tootsie : bold inspiration for out-of-the-box dreaming

The Pep Talk Generator : a perfect pick-me-up site

Abundance Tapestry : great self-love articles and more

Operation Beautiful : put an end negative self-talk

Self Compassion : learn to embrace compassion

Madly In Love With Me : a resource reclaiming self-love 

Self-Esteem Project : Dove's mission to improve self-esteem



Loving What Is : a life-changing book on acceptance

The Desire Map : a book for creating meaningful goals

How to Love Yourself : a guide for getting started on self-love

Reform Your Inner Mean Girl : end the self-bullying

Madly in Love with Me : how to become your own best friend

Art Doodle Love : a creative journal for self-discovery

The Self-Esteem Workbook : use this to find your awesomeness

Boundaries : a book for setting healthy boundaries

Tiny Buddha's Guide to Loving Yourself : a book of self-love wisdom

Inside Out : a new book from Anastasia Amour in November

Learning to Love Yourself : a workbook for unconditional self-love

The Gifts of Imperfection : a book for embracing who you are

Spirit Junkie : a book for radical self-love and miracles

Love Yourself, Heal Your Life : a must-read self-love tome

Choosing Me Before We : learn to put yourself first

Love Who You Are : a little book of self-love inspiration



Loving Your Self : a workbook for increasing self-love

Finding Your Self : a workbook for soul-searching self-discovery 

21-Day Self-Love Challenge : use this to create a habit of self-love

The ABCs of Self-Love : e-book inspiration for loving yourself

Self-Compassion : a guide for mindful compassion and self-love

Desire Map Workbook : a digital workbook for self-searching



Radical Self-Love Letters : self-love delivered right to your in-box

Pinterest / Love Yourself : my on-going round-up of self-love

The Self-Esteem Course : a 12-week self-esteem booster

Radical Self-Love Bible School : I did this and loved it

Self-Love Bootcamp : get yourself in self-loving gear

The Self Love Revolution : an 8-week course on self-worth

Desire Map Graphic Maker : pretty images of what you want

Truthbomb Card Deck : these cards are so self-love inspiring

Everyday Self-Love : a course to help build daily self-love 

The Fierce Love Course : for activating your best self

Free (!) Self-Confidence Course : a self-esteem booster 

Unlock Your Courage Toolkit : another great, free resource

Self-Love Reminders : a free printable I created years ago



Speak Positively about Yourself : with a downloadable list of inspiring words

10 Easy Ways to Love Yourself More Today : start self-love now

Are You Who You Want to Be? : plus a free permission slip printable!

Self-Love Quotes : get inspired with these GoodReads quotes

55 Ways to Love Your Gorgeous Self : so many self-love tips here

Simple Ways to Love Yourself Again : if you've lost that lovin' feeling

How to Respect Yourself : don't ever settle for less than the best

(Self) Love is a Battlefield : an inspiring read on self-love

30 Ways to Love Yourself : an excellent round-up of tips

How to Embrace Imperfections : 4 great tips for acceptance

100 Questions : discover more about you with this Q&A

Positively Present / Self-Love : a collection of all my self-love posts


It's my sincerest hope that this round of books, inspiration, articles, etc. will help you on your own self-love journey. Self-love is such an important aspect of living a positive, present life, but most of us live in societies that work hard to prevent us from truly loving who we are. If we want self-love, we have to work for it and keep working on it every single day.

If you know of any great self-love resources, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below and I'll try to add them to this list!   


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