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If you've been following along with my adventures on Snapchat (positivepresent), you know I've been contemplating creating YouTube videos for awhile, but always made excuses about not having the best equipment, being too nervous, etc. I watch so many professional YouTubers, and I thought that, in order to start a channel, everything had to be perfect. But, if I wait until things are perfect, I'll be waiting forever! So I decided to just jump in and see how it goes. I would LOVE to hear what kinds of videos you'd like to see so feel free to leave a comment below and let me know what you'd like. 

The first video is an explanation of why I started Positively Present, the difference between positivity and happiness, and how positivity and present-mindedness are interlinked (and so important!). Also, lots of mentions of dogs. 


Click here if you can't see the embedded video. 


The second video is a look at recent Positively Present products and books, including the self-love stickers, The Positively Present Guide to Life, the Every Day Matters diaries, two of the books from my Effortless Inspiration series, Gratitude and Living in the Moment, and my upcoming Less Hate, More Love pin


Click here if you can't see the embedded video.

One of the greatest things about filming videos is getting to see how many ridiculous facial expressions I make. I mean, just look at those screenshots in the thumbnail above, haha!

All jokes aside, filming and editing videos is hard. I had no idea how much time and energy it would take, but I'm pretty happy with how these first ones turned out. The more of them I make, the better I'll hopefully get at making them. And maybe one day I'll even get a fancy camera so I can have a more professional look! But, for now, I'm working with what I've got, and I'm honestly really proud of myself for venturing out of my comfort zone. (If you've been following Positively Present for a long time and read this post, you'll realize how utterly insane it is that I'm posting videos!)

There's something infinitely more intimidating about putting videos (rather than written content or photos) online, and I've let that fear of judgment hold me back for awhile. But not anymore. The videos are live and ready to be watched. [Insert scared emoji face here.] I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I enjoyed making them for you. I can't wait to make more so let me know what you'd like to see! And if you want to keep up with the videos and subscribe to the channel, check out the full channel here


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Awesome.. It's hard to act in front of camera. but you are looking comfortable..

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