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10 Ways Other People Help with Personal Growth

10 Tips for Being More Open (Video!)




This week I revisited an old blog post — Unlock 10 Ways to Be More Open, the first post I ever even mentioned my name — to help my current self explore ways of opening up to others. Check it out to see my former self giving advice to my current self so my future self can be better at opening up! 

Watch me flip through it and chat briefly about each monthly spread here: 

Can't see the video? Click here to watch on YouTube


I learned a lot about being more open by revisiting my old blog post, and I hope my lessons inspire you to be more open, too, if, like me, it's not something that comes easily to you. Remember: it's a skill and, even if you're not at expert level right now, you can learn to be more open with practice and patience!



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Way to go Dani!! That's your name right? Haha!! It appears that your passion for human nature and the thinking mind is similar to my own, Every point rings true to my daily process of figuring out my true self. I have come to believe the foundation of all your points lies in the present moment awareness of life as it unfolds. Human nature has the thinking mind creating all sorts of stories and scenarios. (ie) Thoughts of others,what is right and wrong etc. We have the inner knowing built in to our "self". We all know the right answers within ourselves. Love your openness and honesty in discussing the philosophy of challenging yourself to be a better person. Because that is the core of what is necessary to achieve peace of mind in a world of daunting uncertainties. I feel your a bit of a perfectionist in certain aspects that has so much to offer others. I would say accept your perfectionism and embrace the "now" of your life. Keep spreading your gift. It is infectious to others in the right moment. Thank you.

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